Guest Reviews

Jacob R.

July 24th, 2016


A truly world-class restaurant that serves some of the best Italian food in town. The staff is extremely accommodating, which puts this place absolutely over the top amazing. I recommend the lobster ravioli, lasagna, and chicken parmigiana. This is a classic romantic place, try it and you'll remember what a great dining experience can really be.

Kayla U.

August 16th, 2016


Absolutely loved my experience at this restaurant. The restaurant itself is an intimate, smaller place. Reservations are probably wise. Staff was friendly and attentive. The food was absolutely fantastic. Authentic and fresh. The calamari was well cooked and seasoned nicely. The linguini con frutti del mar was cooked perfectly as well with generous amounts of seafood. Usually I can't finish the whole thing but definitely. Would love to try their saffron lobster ravioli. Decadent but not as heavy as expected for the linguini. Tiramisu was creamy and their affogato came in heaping portions and was lovely. Great Italian gem perfect for the nicer occasion.

Eileen D.

August 30th, 2016


Oh my! How I failed to write a review on this one is beyond me. This is walking distance from work, so I have been here a few tomes and have recommended it to others especially guests/visitors who are not from LA. Why? Because this resto is not a franchise, that if you like it, you have to come back to LA to get another taste. My most memorable visit there was with a group of consultants who picked up the tab. So, of course, we ordered what our hearts desire. Their pasta is made from scratch for a not overly pricey resto in BH area, this is a good find. The owner came around to say "hello" and explain some items on the menu. You can tell he is very proud of his resto. It is a tiny place but they can accomodate a party of up to 12 but you def have to call for a reservations in advance. We never have a problem cause we usually come during lunch time. My fave is the squid ink ravioli-- um, thank you!

Larry H.

January 04th, 2017


We had the taste for Italian food and found Locanda Veneta. It is across the street from Cedars Hospital. Smaller place with valet only parking and this is nothing more than paying someone to park your car on the street somewhere. The Ambiance is nice and quant and we were meet with warmth and kindness. The waiter was super nice and very informative at all levels. The place is not cheap, however for a nice change and something special, I would recommend going to Locanda. We had our salads done the way we would like and the chef accommodated us to perfection. Very good. The Chicken Parmesan was really tasty. Great sauce used and the flavors on the veggies were awesome! The Fettuccine Pesto Di Mar was a bowl of wonderful pasta that had great flavor. The seasoning on all the main dishes were spot on. Very nicely done on all fronts. So why not 5 stars? The deserts. They were just 'eh'. The Amaretto Cheesecake would have been the bomb with 'FRESH' fruit instead of the purple goop that was put on it. The Panna Cotta was just ok and really was not that flavorful. That being said, I would come here for a great meal and do not worry about dessert. You will spend money that you can save for a glass of wine with your meal. Nice find for the area

Tami N.

February 02nd, 2017


Came here for lunch with a coworker and it was delicious! Thank you to Adrien for serving us! I really enjoyed the fresh pesto sauce they served with the bread, started the meal off right. For my main meal I ordered the squid ravioli which although looks small was actually very filling. Just enough to keep you from unbuttoning your pants--filling. Ended the meal off with some cheesecake and it was great as well. Creamy and tasty. I highly recommend the place if you're ever in the area but be mindful of the "$$$" price warning.

Brian P.

February 16th, 2017


Had a wonderful evening here on Valentines Day 2017. It was obviously busy, but the staff and food was spot on. The wine selection is superb, including varietals from Italy, France and California. I had the lasagna which was piping hot and delicious. My partner had the lobster ravioli, which was "to die for". Excited to come back and try more entrees on a non-holiday.

MaryEllen B.

March 21st, 2017


Not many things are worth getting me to LA. This little place is definitely added to my list. High end fabulous AUTHENTIC Italian cuisine. The Chicken corn soup is to die for. Everything in my spinach salad tasted fresh picked. I'm going to have to come back with friends to taste the wine. 5 stars isn't enough!

Michael F.

April 18th, 2017


Came here for the first time for an anniversary, and it was perfect. The service, food, name it, all wonderful. Massimo was so attentive, genial and full of great stories of Italy, he (and the phenomenal food) really helped make clear how a place like this is able to stay in business since '88! And another welcome (& ALL-TOO-RARE) aspect of Locanda Veneta is that you can activate have a quiet conversation! (...Wish the rest of LA restaurants would get the hint that "loud" does not equal "lively".)

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